About Terry Adams


I have been a singer/musical entertainer in the east anglian region for more years than I care to remember.
Playing in various musical forms i.e rock bands/pop bands/trios/duos etc.
Now as technology has advanced with Ipad and guitar/keyboard
I have the opportunity to create the full sound of a band as a solo artiste
with prices to match.
Over the years I have covered a vast range of musical genre's and can cater for most occasions.

(see repertoire and have a listen)
please click here to view my always up to date online calendar
Please contact Terry here to register your interest and discuss your requirements.
Hi Terry,
Apologies for taking so long to get in touch, but work has been very busy of late!
I just wanted to convey my appreciation and thanks to you for committing your time to the 'Forget Me Not' Concert in January.
The event was a spectacular success, both in terms of the the massive amount of money raised and because of the positive effect it had on all the kids involved in staging and performing on the night.
Your set was perfectly suited to the venue and the audience, was clearly enjoyed by all and added a fantastic professional touch to the school acts in the concert. 
As I am sure you are aware, Josh embarked upon this journey because of events within our own family, and I cannot thank you enough for believing in him and supporting him to achieve this goal. Whilst all funds are not in yet, the evening has raised more than £1500 - which is an amazing result for all.
All best luck and wishes to you
David Hannen