'For the First time' performed by Terry Adams from Bradley Steenkamp on Vimeo.


"Why are you out on the street busking?” 


That’s a question I get at least 2 or 3 times a day from passers by while I'm performing, so without the aid of a safety net I'll attempt to answer it.

As with most things the answer isn't simple and there are many reasons so here’s a list in descending order of importance


  • To financially support myself, wife & children in a career that I love
  • To promote paid gigs
  • To get instant gratification when somebody stops to listen
  • To meet interesting and like minded people
  • To enjoy the uncertainty of every day
  • To cut through some of the red tape and Bureaucracy of an over complicated world

They are the main reasons

But also I have never been able to become the typical larger than life game show host over the top personality person you need to be in show biz

With busking it's just about singing the song with feeling and emotion and no cheesy introduction to the next song.


But here is the reason I would still busk even if I became a millionaire

The other day a fellow busker told me that as he sat listening to me waiting for the pitch he spoke to an older couple who were sitting on the bench beside him.They told him they were on their last holiday together as she was terminally ill with cancer,they had come from somewhere up north to stay in Gt Yarmouth and were visiting Norwich to go and see a play or something.They told him that as they walked passed they decided to stop and listen to me and ended up spending their whole afternoon enjoying my performance and missing their previous engagement. 

Here are a few other comments taken from emails I've been sent:........


  •  Hi,My mum spotted you yesterday in the Grafton centre in cambs, she asked for one of your cards. Since then I have been ordered to her house to be made to listen to your sample songs, and I am very glad I did. Your voice is very very good and I would love to have you perform at my wedding

  •  Hi watched you singing in Chelmsford last week and just want to say it was fantastic you were singing Neil Diamond songs of whom I have seen in concert a few times and I found it hard to tell the difference


  • Saw u in Norwich sat afternoon ,I thought only David Gray could sing his stuff . how wrong I was cos u sounded bloody good.Im trying to find out where u are singing over the next couple months . could u let me know please , thanks Sara


  • Heard you in Ipswich I made a request and you sung it to perfection I have visited nashville and have not heard it sung any better good luck.


Hope that gives you some idea how I manage to get over the nervousness of setting up and singing that first song out on the street!